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Chapter 276 (spoilers)
Lol that would be one good episode Greg. "Clash Zaraki vs. Mayuri's Pet Cow, who has his DNA like his Lieutanent" Long Name, but a good episode none the less lol.

But yeah Nell is definitely tricky. Her ability to absorb is pretty strong. I wouldn't be surprised if there is something about her and idk I think those guys might be Arrancar. The big one definitely is, maybe not the bug Idk but there's gotta be something behind them. I think they will have a bigger role than Ganju did
Yeah, so I guess we know what the next set of fillers will be: "What goes on in Soul Society When Everyone Isn't Chasing Invaders."

Nell's ability might have been a test that was reused on some of the Espada, though... so I wouldn't be surprised if we see a stronger version being used by someone else, elsewhere.
Hmm... I may just suggest that. We could see Ukitake reading or Yamato being old lol

Yeah that might be a good possibility, seeing Aizen experiments just as much Mayuri problably does. Aizen is one weird guy. I have no idea what he is thinking. What if he has hundreds of guys like Nell and he is trying to make the perfect fighter and Nell was a test subject that escaped.
And he actually rule over those all Arrancar. Wonder If he is really that strong in all sense, or he just have something that the Arrancars can go against?

Ok I have just read something very interresting, so I wanna see what you guys think of it. It involves Zael and maybe why they haven't killed him off yet.

[Image: 10.jpg]

Look at this picture closely. Does anything seem amiss (besides him eating a hollow)? His hollow hole, Espada ranking, and zanpukto are nowhere to be found. Now what can this mean? Obviously, he has not released, so his zanpukto should be there, but I can't see it. Also, usually the Hollow holes are supposed to be on the chest (Ulquirra has his on his neck I think). Unless it is on his legs, which I doubt is the case, something is up with this guy. I think we might find out that Aizen has gotten Zael to do some research and experiments or something and Zael did some on himself and something has happened to him. Of course this is all speculation, but that is really weird.
It wasn't on his neck?

and maybe the glasses are the zanpukto xD

or he's hiding it in the clothing.
Well you know that upper chest/neck region lol. but yeah I hope his zanpukto isn't his glasses or he will get really lame, might be in his clothing but I have a new theory, what if Aizen/Zael have tried to find a way to hollowize (I guess it can be a verb) a soul without waiting for the hole to appear or how Inoue's brother became one. What if they are searching for a way to turn souls into hollows instantly? Idk just a theory.
that's an interesting and believable theory o.o
I thought his hollow mask leftovers? was his glasses... Anyway I think hes the most interesting arrancar seen so far because he doesnt listen to what Aizen says... plus I think he wants to experiment on Ichigo...
yeah somthiung is defnitly up with that....scary

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