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Shout Out Thread VII: Now Open!
Ya but it usually is for girls. i think its a unisex name in reality tho
i always thought that even though i dont know any gurl characters that are named that
it just sounds feminine
Useless Wrote:yup
i always thought that even though i dont know any gurl characters that are named that
it just sounds feminine

In digimon there was a girl with the name sora, thats the only example i can provide you with but for the japenese gender doesnt come into consideration when picking names.
OHHH i remember that
but i havent seen that since the third season like8-9 years ago
that was my childhood obsession b4 i even knew it was anime.....
gender doesnt count much because their names mean something
i mean other languages names have meanings but they just choose w/e they want w/o knowing what they are
Same digimon was a childhood craze for me, but the JP are different like that when telling a story anyway usually it depicts the persons personality or how he will be affected in the story like in naruto(for lack of a better example).
i like ur big headed naruto!
Useless Wrote:i like ur big headed naruto!

lol, thanks i knew i found a winner when i picked it for my sig.:thumbup:
  Tobi  is so cool!!!!!!! I love Tobi..Who had the one about the babies thing?? That one was cute! But this is awesome!
lol, where'd you find that tobi thing its awsome.
I was just looking on the internet I think I searched either Tobi avatars or Akatsuki avatars on Google! But LOL it's so awesome! XD

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