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276 preview spoilers
I found this on a site. The last chapter they put up a spoiler and it was dead on so maybe this one is too.

"Zael got away

It ends with grimmjow? Standing before that chibi (nell?).


Thats it. Underneath the grinning. "

That's all they had. Pretty depressing, but I wonder what Grimmjow could want with nell?
I hope it gets back to Ichigo soon... Hes the only one that really interests me!
I was thinking that maybe Grimmjow only wanted Orihime to heal (or reverse time or whatever) Ichigo so that Grimmjow could fight him again... thats just a stupid guess though.
Nell is the little cute hollow right??
yeah he will definitely be in the next chapter and i just looked at the raw of 276 and the pre spoiler is right again. I guess I have found a place to get the preview to the newest chapter. I think it comes up one day before or early in the day of the release so I will put it up here everytime I get it so you guys get a taste of whats to come on Bleach Cool
Does Zael reveal his Zanpakuto yet before escaping?
Nevermind that, just read the current latest chapter.
Seriously though, the manga should've move on with others Espada, but looks like we'll still get Zael & Grimmjow in next chpater..., again.
You know, you could just edit instead of double post...
It doesn't really matter... sometimes you double post so people know something new is being said
True... so true...

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