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Wat is ur innocence???
i think i would be able to form specific weapons with each element and then fuse two weapons of two elements wen i fuse two elements together
Name: Corno dell'aquila (Eagle Horn)
Its from dota-allstars.I suck at naming stuff

Type: Weaponry

Bow: Mille Archi Dell'Occhio(Thousand Eye Bow)
Twin Daggers: Flamme Debrûlure(Ever-Burning Flame)
Spear: Cleansing Crescent Moon
It has different names so it's cooler!
Also clothes change depending on Weapon currently invoked. You get like some kind of new cool armour(like from Kingdom Hearts 2) and 8 wings for each form.
When not invoked, it just looks like a ring with twin blades on it, this way it's easier to carry~


Bow: Never misses!
Can be used instead to scan weaknesses of enemy
Can also scan the surroundings to scout for Akuma and other people
Can also see through walls and clothes(for those Ecchi People like me) when invoked

Twin Daggers: Power of Fire(yay!)
Can cause flames to burst randomly from body once a living things get hit(non living things wont get burned so it doesnt mess stuff up)
Increases speed enormously
Flames won't go out until target is dead!

Spear: Support weaponry
Can heal stuff, but not infinitely
Can also instead share damage from yourself or ally with enemy though not endless also
Very long!

I can think of some pretty decent moves, but my hands are tired so it ends here...
i think those r some good special abilities for those weapons
name: El cuerpo de los angel-es (Spanish translation into "the body of the angels)

power: Invulnerability, the user become a thick silver musclehead which absorbs physical damage that would otherwise be lethal.

type: parasitic


Level 1:Silvershell-grants the user incredible defensive power and most deflects projectile weaponry.

Level 2:goldshell-aside from an even greater defensive boost the user of this Innocence can now give back quadruple there attack strength after absorbing physical damage.

Level 3, general level:Angelshell- the user of the Innocence now is enabled to soar through the skies with large white angel wings. instead of a thick armor boost of gold or silver. the armor of the angelshell is colored tanned-black which deflects/absorbs microscopic damage and even promotes auto-regeneration. the innocence is still allowed it's older abilities but on a much greater span.

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