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DGM 123
Shooting missles out of his eye, thatd be kinda weird...
hey it already has that crosshair looking thingie in it XP target locked preparing to fire ground to air anti-akuma missiles beep beep beep ^^
... was that fun for you??
yes ^^
well, maybe he can sense all the akuma in the world and everybody in the world can see them too.....
O.o thatd be a bit odd
That would be super powerful and it would be on all the time so it would drain allen of energy...
and itd be kinda pointless for every1 to see akuma every1 would just panick and run around and stuff....normal people dont need to see akuma
So...what thread was this...
Oh right, will cross come to save allen or not... my gues is not because cross never showed allen any love...hehehe...
yea after all earlier he said that the chances of surviving in edo was very low and that if they turn into hindrances to just go home so i dun think hes gonna go save em now

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