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The Places of work. (spots available)
Please show some proof of some sort that you are suited for the position, or make some proof (legitimate of course)

Leader- Sparks

Co-leader- Excel-kleinwald

Plot writers-



[Arctic](weapons and background)**
[Sparks](background, chibi)**


Concept artists-




Proof reader-




people who we can rely on on to give us great ideas and feed back-

[all you guys]
[and a space] (cause [all you guys] was lonely)

*- I will be more than likely setting up a little "contest" where i have drawn a story board page(rough drawings and descriptions of what is going on), and you have to draw the characters and add the backgrounds and such. (everyone would be doing the same Panels)

**-this was decided if no-one else applies for the job (with the talent we want)

PS: tell me if i forgot a spot, posted this quite quickly
And you apply like this! User CP->Group Memberships->Subscribe to Manga Group->State in the Reason box how you plan to help.
what he said! Big Grin
Um, how will you know if somebody is talented or motivated? i mean i could say i'm a hell of a creative genius. Doesn't make it true. (it is actually Tongue)

Oh and Sparks, the color of your name doesn't suit your avatar. Just so you know.
I don't see "suscribe to manga"
erm, i was gonna add, please show some Material, and someway to prove it's yours. etc. ( i will in a sec) and i know, but it's a colour! (not the most Masculine xD)
Sorry, it says Join Group
Team doesn't have to be perfect at first run i guess. You could still trim it down a bit later if people aren't doing their share. You have the power now Pinky euh Sparky euhm Very Very Honored Leader?
HEHE, yeah but it's MANLY PINK =D. and yes, if people don't pull there weight they will be cut from the team. (sorry but it'll have to be that way)
Never underestimate the girl power of pink. Go on sister, bask yourself in that rosy goodness.

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