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Yasatora Chad
Discuss Chad here

Chad made it on Fullbringer Arc DVD with that one guy.

[Image: 1115e628s.jpg]
chad had to be beaten by the CC to be put down in the SS arc :awesome:
Chad has and always, will be the ground's and the ground's alone....
Chad owns.

Unohype was the original Kenpachi (how many names does this woman have) but Chad was the original Captain Commander
only a future CC could stop chad, only a future yama could stop the beast of a man that is chad

thats canon
To all people who think chad is weak, beware. Because so far, chad only show us his left arm and right arm. Who knows about his left leg/right leg/neck/head.
Shame about Chad an Orihime getting the short end of the stick when it comes to importance and capabilities in combat; so much potential wasted an tossed aside IMO.

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