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peleihno Wrote:Like I said, perfect trap. Who's to say they haven't been preparing in more ways then one prior to the onset of this tourney?

It's possible, I guess... but somehow the Bishokukai don't seem very... sophisticated in their tactics ^^
But there's still Kousairou (I think he's the traitor), so he could be the mastermind.

Quote:Of course, he could be evil. What's the new theory now, he's Joa?

Yeah, on that matter, my theory is that he has a split personality, Zaus being one, Joa the other. It's pretty hypothetical, I know. But it would explain some things - Joa's skill, for example.

Quote:@bolded: NEVER, too soon. I think they're equal now.

Well, I doubt he won't get serious now. And I hope it doesn't like Toriko vs. Tommyrod, with Tommyrod not really getting defeated by Toriko but by a fresh Teppei.

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