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List of the Fallen - Greg - 11-13-2007

Those who have gone up in a puff of smoke:

Aznboiray: The first person to surpass my post count, disappeared at 143 posts, shortly after he had gained the lead (I got it back 2 days later) and reappeared once afterwards.

Dimplez: Our first prominent female poster, dimplez left for exams and never came back. 300 + posts. MA became the MA we know after she left.

Karuru: The original power poster.... 300 posts in her first day, over 1000 after a week, it was her and SK that paved the way for.... no post counts in certain areas :nods: Disappeared around the time of new forum.

Sparks: The first of the staff members. Head of Crimson Wings. Over 700 posts, he had the lead for a while... First one to surpass me and hold it for a good amount of time. Disappeared completely with the coming of the new forums, but had been fading away.

Draik: Part of the first wave of uploaders, along with Kyon and myself, a very interesting character to say the least. Enjoyed debating. Disappeared before ever uploading and around the coming of the new forums.

People who have changed oh so much: SK was once nice and respectful.... same with MA.... EK was more funloving. Damn I destroy my mods.

RE: List of the Fallen - excel-kleinwald - 11-13-2007

I WAS more funloving wasn't I? Now I... am just so boring. Maybe I can revive myself on these forums! And boy do I miss my manga taichou and Debating buddy.

RE: List of the Fallen - Talchum - 11-13-2007

Why is everyone's registration month around May? I thought people were on here much longer than that. Confusedet4_baffled:

RE: List of the Fallen - Manga-Otaku - 11-13-2007

lol Bad Greg...Don't bring this up! TT_TT HEY I haven't changed?

RE: List of the Fallen - SilverKunai - 11-13-2007

This doesn't make me a bad guy.

This makes YOU the bad guy.

Thanks for destroying my ever so existing humanity, Greg.

RE: List of the Fallen - Useless - 11-13-2007

...hmmph...i'm not there...sure i'm still here..and not a mod...but i can't be an honorable mention for the fixing of my grammar?
Excel says it was even more atrocious than it is now...>.>

RE: List of the Fallen - SilverKunai - 11-13-2007

.....I don't remember me actually being respected back then..

But then again.. I killed my 'other'..

This has nothing to do with Kingdom Hearts.

RE: List of the Fallen - wildstriker - 11-13-2007

I missed...., Sparks.

All those who change over time just got a little bit crazier...., or so to say at least, I missed their "old" self. Big Grin

RE: List of the Fallen - Manga-Otaku - 11-13-2007

Okay then...

RE: List of the Fallen - SilverKunai - 11-13-2007

Well, since I am in a good mood..

R.I.P- Old Me..

You will be missed by jerks..