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RE: Sakura Vs. Karin - Raijuu - 07-15-2007

well im not sure if who will win.... i think it would be a draw or something.... but if there's a winner it would definitely be sakura...

RE: Sakura Vs. Karin - Keita - 07-15-2007

idk...we dont know what karin can do yet so theres no real way to know

RE: Sakura Vs. Karin - MangaAddict - 07-16-2007

I think it would be a boring fight (unless your a perverted guy:grin: ) but I think sakura would win cause shes stronger and she tsunades apprentice, plus shes a main character. And karins a whore:grin:

RE: Sakura Vs. Karin - Keita - 07-16-2007

XD good points =P

RE: Sakura Vs. Karin - excel-kleinwald - 07-16-2007

Call me a party pooper but I don't think that they will end up in a fight with eachother just for the fact that so many people suspect it.

RE: Sakura Vs. Karin - MangaAddict - 07-16-2007

I never thought naruto was the decieving type of manga, therefore I think they will fight each other...

RE: Sakura Vs. Karin - Keita - 07-16-2007

...yea its mostly straightforward..

RE: Sakura Vs. Karin - MangaAddict - 07-16-2007

There is hardly any surprises ever...
I think Karin is a long distance fighter though...

RE: Sakura Vs. Karin - aznboiray - 07-16-2007

i'd say karen has to be pretty strong cuz sasuke would not have a ugly annoying girl tagging along if she wasn't. why i think that cuz from a lot of evidence, i find sasuke homo. also sakura is not that good. the only thing she improved is that crazy strengh, healing, and knowledge of medics. the author better not make this a boring fight cuz the clay dude vs sasuke bored to death.

RE: Sakura Vs. Karin - Manga-Otaku - 07-16-2007

Sakura has more physical strength then Karin I noticed since she Is Tsunades apprentice. And Karin I'm not sure but I just don't really have that feeling.....Sakura all the way. Plus Karin is like Ino or a younger Sakura: All over Sasuke...