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RE: Fairy Tail II - geyter - 07-19-2007

Remember the first chapter? he was the one defending fairy tale guild when the old councilmembers wanted it disciplined. (although granted, he looks quite evil. But so did the element magic guy from rave...)

RE: Fairy Tail II - Pure Win - 07-19-2007

Or maybe it was somehow that Shinigami guy from earlier on, i belkieve he was never captured, tho thats is kinda unlikly as he seemed more of a one time bad guy, but there has to be a reason he escaped capture in the story and maybe this is it

RE: Fairy Tail II - MangaAddict - 07-19-2007

I think he defended the fairy tail guild so that he can use them later on, he seems very interested in advancing natsus skills...

RE: Fairy Tail II - CrazyBleachFan - 07-19-2007

Yeah Fairy Tail hasn't gotten better than it was during those last few chapters. I didn't like the whole island thing too much, but now they base is destryoed, something big has to heppen.

RE: Fairy Tail II - MangaAddict - 07-19-2007

Now we are getting to the exciting part... and was it just me or was lucy and gray flirting???:grin:

RE: Fairy Tail II - B!NG0 - 07-19-2007

I think they might have been flirting. Im pumped for the next chapters

RE: Fairy Tail II - MangaAddict - 07-19-2007

Next chaps wont come out for a loong time...
Maybe sieglen (sp) knows where natsus dragon father is...?

RE: Fairy Tail II - Ryo - 07-19-2007

i hate i want to know what the hell THAT is and who the hell mess up the guild?!

RE: Fairy Tail II - B!NG0 - 07-19-2007

I think that guy may want to own Natsu's dragon father like he wanted to with Deloria.

RE: Fairy Tail II - MangaAddict - 07-19-2007

^^ Thats probably it, but what does he want to do with them?? Take over the world??