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Fairy Tail II - Greg - 07-14-2007

Talk about FT here...

RE: Fairy Tail II - 1597534862 - 07-14-2007

NUUUU greg why did u have to close it

RE: Fairy Tail II - V-en - 07-14-2007

I wonder if this will be turned into a anime...>.> lol.

RE: Fairy Tail II - Blaze - 07-14-2007

lo sure it will...just like's enough for atleast 10 episodes by now..

RE: Fairy Tail II - underdot - 07-14-2007

perhaps ur right.. ^^

RE: Fairy Tail II - wildstriker - 07-14-2007

Rave anime sucks though, it ended halfway without any ending at all.

RE: Fairy Tail II - V-en - 07-14-2007

I heard about that. Didn't seem to get enough views >.> But maybe if Fairy Tail were to get a anime...That will probally go well *pictures theme opening*

RE: Fairy Tail II - Spade - 07-14-2007

Fairy Tail has the potential to become big like Naruto, One Piece and Bleach. All it needs is some really big arc, a red string that leads to a real storyline that combines various arcs. The current arc is interesting but it still lacks something...

That's why I hope for that time-guy to play a bigger role than it seems right now.

RE: Fairy Tail II - V-en - 07-14-2007

Maybe he'll give them an 'experience' or something that they'll REALLY need in the future. Yup... *Crazy ideas comes from no sleep*

RE: Fairy Tail II - MangaAddict - 07-15-2007

Fairy tail is still pretty new, theres always an arc like the one fairy tail has right now where it just shows the characters forming friendships and advancing their skills... then it goes onto a life altering fight scene after fight scene arc where long time enemies are revealed:grin: