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Fairy Tail - Kyle - 05-24-2007

I just started reading random manga one day on OneManga and came across this one.

To be honest, i'm really enjoying it. I love how the plot just scoots it's way along without too much in between. I can't wait to see the Salamander and Erza face off without interruption.

RE: Fairy Tail - Pure Win - 05-24-2007

Omg i Love this series grays the best tho Natsu's cool to

RE: Fairy Tail - Imran - 05-25-2007

The characters are really cool and their powers are so awesome. It's like they can rule the world just by using their powers but they chose to help others instead of fulfilling their own selfish desires. But then again, they only work for money... Tongue

RE: Fairy Tail - dimplez - 05-25-2007

I love the story line and the charcters are great as well! I just wish the translations would come out quicker though

RE: Fairy Tail - AzN - 05-25-2007

this manga surprised me..i thought it wouldnt be so great but after reading a few chapters i love it and eagerly wait for the next chapter to come out. Smile

RE: Fairy Tail - aznboiray - 05-25-2007

i like it too its one of my top but what i don't understand is why everyone has such a big forhead i liked the authors drawings better in rave master.

RE: Fairy Tail - Pure Win - 05-25-2007

ya he seemes to have changed his drawing style but imo i like this drawing style more then raves (tho i like rave's, i just think FT's is better)

RE: Fairy Tail - Sparks - 05-25-2007

Fairy tail is awesome, but i don't like salamanders magic, he could have more moves than just ENflaming his body and spitting fire, i think. it'd be alot better that way. just my thoughts, since people like Lucy and Gray have cool attacks, not to mention Erza!

RE: Fairy Tail - aznboiray - 05-25-2007

yeah salamander is pretty lame for now but i'm guessing as the series progress hes gonna get some new moves and such that are wicked cool.

RE: Fairy Tail - Draik - 05-25-2007

I especially like the artwork.

hintedy, hint, hint...