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What's Crimson Wings? - Sparks - 06-24-2007

Crimson Wings is the manga that some of this community is making. If you want to know more, then tough! you'll have to wait until we release the first chapter, and all will be revealed. Aww, what the heck, here's the quick low-down of the manga. No character names or place will be revealed.

Crimson Wings is set in an alternate reality, with feuding war born Countries, the main character at a young age met the furios wrath of one of the generals, but what exactly happened to him?

RE: What's Crimson Wings? - Karuru - 06-25-2007

Hehe, i wonder what will happen =P

RE: What's Crimson Wings? - Useless - 06-26-2007

so its a shounen i assume

RE: What's Crimson Wings? - jonaling - 06-26-2007

just wait for it to come out....
itll be nice

RE: What's Crimson Wings? - Karuru - 06-28-2007

lol xD Let's hope it does come out . . .

RE: What's Crimson Wings? - MangaAddict - 06-28-2007

When will it come out??

RE: What's Crimson Wings? - Blaze - 06-28-2007

dang i thought it would be a manga like way back then..during the BC =] hope it'll be good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:grin:

RE: What's Crimson Wings? - Karuru - 06-29-2007

It will be out when "things" get sorted and what do you mean BC ? [Image: confuse.gif]

RE: What's Crimson Wings? - SilverKunai - 06-29-2007

I think he means soemthing around the time of the start of man and the end of dinosaurs or something.

RE: What's Crimson Wings? - Raijuu - 06-29-2007

mmm bc means is before crist which is pretty much before 2007 years ago