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Anime VS Manga [SPOILER] - Zephyr - 06-12-2007

Which one do you like more? I have watched all the anime episodes and the movie, I also have read the manga until the latest chapter. Personally I like manga story better, the plot was deeper and has may surprising twist (Salem = Pride, still fazed me)... I also like on how Hohenheim has more important role than in the anime. One main thing I like more from the anime is the characteristic of Ed and Al, in the manga they are pretty much the same, not much char development, in the anime Ed and Al are much more realistic and has good char development.

Still in the end Manga > Anime

RE: Anime VS Manga [SPOILER] - seiftis - 06-12-2007

Manga version, certainly.

What I like most about it is the character development and backgrounds that have never been explored in the anime. Riza's past, for example, is important. It explains the Ishval war, her devotion to Roy, and how he got to be Flame Alchemist.

Others of course being deeper and more twisted plot (esp. concerning 'Father' and his homunculus...)

RE: Anime VS Manga [SPOILER] - underdot - 06-12-2007

manga.. the anime didnt explain anything about hohenheim.. but i think the anime is not that bad.. ^^

RE: Anime VS Manga [SPOILER] - wildstriker - 06-12-2007

The anime diversion story is certainly better than mostly other anime fillers, but totally owned by the manga version.

RE: Anime VS Manga [SPOILER] - underdot - 06-12-2007

right.. its just wat he says..^^

RE: Anime VS Manga [SPOILER] - Blaze - 06-12-2007

does it continues in the manga?

RE: Anime VS Manga [SPOILER] - wildstriker - 06-12-2007

Continue?, What do you mean?
The anime took the manga basic concepts and characters, but develop a total different story than the manga version.

RE: Anime VS Manga [SPOILER] - -Kyon- - 06-12-2007

i like the manga waaaaaaaay better then the anime, like zephyr said more in-depth story and waaaaay funnier, the plot twists is better then the anime, i thought hohenheim needs more importance and dats what the manga gave me, manga wins hands down for me.

RE: Anime VS Manga [SPOILER] - Zephyr - 06-12-2007

I think the anime started to differ during Greed appearance, before that the only major difference is Sloth to become Fuhrer secretary.

One thing I really hated from the anime is how insignificant the major villain, Dante. Heck, she created Philosopher Stone just for the sake of living together with Hohenheim and there is no reason explained why Hohenheim decided to leave Dante and married Trisha (Ed Al mom), she eved died in stupid way... getting eaten by her own creation Gluttony.

RE: Anime VS Manga [SPOILER] - wildstriker - 06-13-2007

Even the apperance of Greed himself in the anime was already a diversion from manga (stated that he was sealed by Dante), along with Kimbley running away with him.

Heck, even from early episodes, there were already a lot of pointless fillers & diversion from the original story.