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your ideas - Sparks - 06-09-2007

Post your ideas here. keep it clean, and try not to repeat what someone else has said :grin:

RE: your ideas - jonaling - 06-16-2007

well, one example of an alternate universe...(well it is one of my most personal orignal ideas just in case i become manga-ka, but i dont mind sharing it)

well, how about an 'invisible' war in a earth that happens once every generation.
as the human mind is still reletively unknown to men,
What is imagination?
what if imagination was a link to other worlds and that the war was waged for the dezitizens to be citizens on earth.
As, earth is actualli the most "peaceful of the worlds''
And once the time comes those whose imaginations are powerful, summon the strongest warriors from the other worlds..
It is by those links with the host that the warriors stay on earth undil they win the war...
once the host dies or makes them leave they get sent back to their world.

well if u want me to go to aboslute detail(+ my character ideas), gimme a personal message on it, ok sparks-sama~~~

RE: your ideas - Blaze - 06-28-2007

wow dat sound so like Fate Stay Night...

and yea the plot already been decided x.x....can't be help...