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RE: DGM 121 - MangaAddict - 06-11-2007

^^ I dont think those other guys are dead either, I would like to know what happened to them... And why hasnt the whole place collapsed yet??Big Grin

RE: DGM 121 - AzN - 06-11-2007

well my theory is that they are alive and barely hanging on..i think cross is gonna end up saving kanda, krory, and possibly lavi if he is unable to continue.

RE: DGM 121 - Zephyr - 06-12-2007

Unless the series close to the end, I doubt someone will die there... I personally hope for Kanda or Lavi or perhaps both die... :devil:

RE: DGM 121 - MangaAddict - 06-13-2007

^^ I like Lavi but kanda can burn and rot in hell...hehehe!

RE: DGM 121 - jonaling - 06-16-2007

aww....i like kanda....
but i hope they dont die...
maybe the mangaka will make it seem like they die to drive lenalee crazy(like in the vision she had)
but in the end they are still alive...
saved by cross hopefulli...