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DGM 121 - Greg - 06-09-2007

Is on OM:thumbup:

RE: DGM 121 - Omega_Destroyer - 06-09-2007

Just read it. One of the best chapters I've read in a really long time.

RE: DGM 121 - AzN - 06-09-2007

wow. unexpected. lavi better not die. Sad

RE: DGM 121 - seiftis - 06-09-2007

and so with Lavi's attack, they'll probably be able to get out of Road's world for a little while.... but who's next to be 'off-ed'? Between Allen and Lenalee, I'm no way sure...

RE: DGM 121 - MangaAddict - 06-10-2007

I kinda didnt understand what happened... was road in tykis form or something?? I think this was a great chapter though, I think the last few chapters have been good... I dont think Lavi is going to die, although there should be a main charcter death just to let the readers know that the heros can die in this manga too...
Did everyone see the favorite charcter list in the beginning of the chapter?? Kanda is #1... ew I hate sasuke like emo guys (my fav charcter is Allen!!Big Grin)

RE: DGM 121 - Pure Win - 06-10-2007

I dont want Lavi or Road to die...but that was smart of Lavi to stab himself earlier,dispite his goffy attitude hes pretty smart

RE: DGM 121 - Omega_Destroyer - 06-10-2007

They could kill Road on every single page the next chapter and I'd be a very happy person. I can't wait to see her dead.

RE: DGM 121 - Greg - 06-10-2007

Hmm, I like Road... she's an amusing character.

RE: DGM 121 - MangaAddict - 06-10-2007

I like road a lot too... I want Kanda(is that his name??) to die!! Road is really weird and it looks as if she is the next to go, but she probly has another trick up her sleeve, hopefully anyway. I want to see more noah though...

RE: DGM 121 - AzN - 06-10-2007

i dont really want to see road die..but i know itll happen. i like her cuz she is quite amusing. to be honest i dont think kanda, krory, or lavi will die..i think they are still hanging by a thread though.