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RE:  Shout Out Thread XIII - Sanagami - 02-01-2013

Riesbife Wrote:None of them play in the professional scene that I know of, and Snoopeh is from my favorite team, so he's the next best option.

Never thought you'd complain, Sana.

She wasn't pretty.

Girl Gamers somehow all have really big boobs but everything else is kinda lacking.


The only girl Gamer, that I sorta enjoyed watching for her face for a while is this one..
And she isn't even pretty when you take a step back and go back to watching porn.

RE:     Shout Out Thread XIII - Insane Soul - 02-01-2013

Sanagami Wrote:
Insane Soul Wrote:
Sanagami Wrote:
Insane Soul Wrote:[Image: tumblr_ly47bqaoo21qgirr7o1_500.gif]

Speaking of Yandere...

I've never been able to really like many manga.

CUZ... like YANDERES WITHOUT SEX.. .its just sort of feels... something is missing...

[Image: 779943_large.jpg]

They are supposed to harm you because they are jealous. I don't mind that.

But if they never express their love in ANY WAY then I mind.

Like, I really don't mind if they express their love in a dangerous way.... that's why Yanderes without sex, feel..... not really Yanderes and just half of it.

/didnt see this post.

I dont mind much the Romance to be honest.

The Psychopath faces and how the Yanderes mindfuck their BFs is <3

RE:  Shout Out Thread XIII - Sanagami - 02-01-2013

God Mode Wrote:Yandere never clicked for me. I'd prefer to stay alive while pursuing a romantic interest, thanks.

The thing I've come to accept about Yanderes is that, THEY REALLY.... do love you.

They only get violently romantic, when they suffer jealousy, because they are that obsessed with you.

I don't know... the thought that anyone could love me that much/become that obsessed with me...sounds pretty goddam amazing honestly.

and if someone was that obsessed with me. Then, Just be Faithful, and then she won't get dangerous. They only get dangerous when they are jealous so don't give them a reason to be jealous. I mean, extreme yanderes will always get jealous
but seriously, what's the last yandere story you've read that Doesn't contain a total retarded male who obviously making his yandere partner jealous and he's completely dense so he doesn't notice.

RE: Shout Out Thread XIII - God Mode - 02-01-2013

I don't see the appeal.

RE: Shout Out Thread XIII - Insane Soul - 02-01-2013

Oh god, Yuno was adorable.

RE:      Shout Out Thread XIII - Sanagami - 02-01-2013

Insane Soul Wrote:The Psychopath faces and how the Yanderes  mindfuck their BFs is <3

Oh I see. Yeah, I guess we are different. I enjoy the concept of Yanderes because they are "obsessive about you"

I'm not a huge fan of crazy in the first place.

RE:  Shout Out Thread XIII - Sanagami - 02-01-2013

God Mode Wrote:I don't see the appeal.

Either you don't like love at all. Or your the type of girl who thinks easy love is boring .....

It's the same reason why Maids/Slaves/Lolis is such a popular fetish.

RE: Shout Out Thread XIII - God Mode - 02-01-2013

I'm the type of person who enjoys the use of all my of bodily fluids and my head.

EDIT: And I like maids and lolis so...

RE: Shout Out Thread XIII - Insane Soul - 02-01-2013

Insanity and Madness is my passion, Logically I fangasm over Shiro, Yuno and Maka.


[Image: tumblr_mh7j6sNu8l1rfj82jo7_250.gif]

[Image: tumblr_mh7j6sNu8l1rfj82jo8_250.gif]

RE: Shout Out Thread XIII - God Mode - 02-01-2013

And ironically enough, that's when I find Maka the least adorable.