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RE: Shout Out Thread XIII - perception - 02-01-2013


RE: Shout Out Thread XIII - Insane Soul - 02-01-2013

Snoopeh stare of doom.

RE:  Shout Out Thread XIII - Shinki - 02-01-2013

Riesbife Wrote:Aw man, my icon didn't change into Snoopeh :C

It seems like your icon won't change unless you just wait for the page to load after you change it, or that's what I had to do at least.

RE: Shout Out Thread XIII - Riesbife - 02-01-2013

I had to link it from imgur.

But now I have Snoopeh's stare!

RE: Shout Out Thread XIII - Sanagami - 02-01-2013

League of Legends has tons of slutty girls playing League... and you pick a man???

/remembers watching this Russian stream where the girl only knew how to say English.

Then she would be like TITTIES... And then show her boobs live. And the Own3d chat would go wild.
It was hilarious as fuck

RE:     Shout Out Thread XIII - Sanagami - 02-01-2013

Shinki Wrote:
DEW Wrote:
Shinki Wrote:It's entirely possible to have black hair and be from anywhere, really.  My hair is black and I'm almost completely Irish.  
I think I have liked every Irish person I have met. That's weird.

I guess we're just likable people?  

Sanagami Wrote:Irish have black hair though.....

And your hair wasn't even that black, to what I remember...

But no, I specifically was talking about Russians/Ukraine those sort of girls. REALLY TALL. BLACK HAIR AND SKINNY.

I don't know... They just seem.... Femdom ._.

Nope, I'm pretty sure it's black.  Or it might just be really, really, really dark brown.  But who knows.  

Oh, I see.  


Yeah... okay.... But still.. >_>

RE: Shout Out Thread XIII - Riesbife - 02-01-2013

None of them play in the professional scene that I know of, and Snoopeh is from my favorite team, so he's the next best option.

Never thought you'd complain, Sana.

RE: Shout Out Thread XIII - Insane Soul - 02-01-2013

I prefer oranged Phreak.

Also, Girl LoL gamers, do they even exist?

RE:    Shout Out Thread XIII - Sanagami - 02-01-2013

Insane Soul Wrote:
Sanagami Wrote:
Insane Soul Wrote:[Image: tumblr_ly47bqaoo21qgirr7o1_500.gif]

Speaking of Yandere...

I've never been able to really like many manga.

CUZ... like YANDERES WITHOUT SEX.. .its just sort of feels... something is missing...

[Image: 779943_large.jpg]

They are supposed to harm you because they are jealous. I don't mind that.

But if they never express their love in ANY WAY then I mind.

Like, I really don't mind if they express their love in a dangerous way.... that's why Yanderes without sex, feel..... not really Yanderes and just half of it.

/didnt see this post.

RE: Shout Out Thread XIII - God Mode - 02-01-2013

Yandere never clicked for me. I'd prefer to stay alive while pursuing a romantic interest, thanks.