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PSYCHO-PASS - Tokoya - 12-14-2012

Another awesome anime that aired this fall, I loved today's episode just like every other one, and I must say that everyone should check it out

Link to episode

RE: PSYCHO-PASS - zeando - 12-18-2012

the story is starting to build with the main antagonist in these last episodes
seeing as the anime is less than halfway that's a good sign

episode 10 was really well done, the only strange thing for me was the girl being so calm during the whole run, given the freakness they were facing i would have expected her losing the cool and becoming a real problem to deal for kougami

RE: PSYCHO-PASS - Tokoya - 12-18-2012

I wonder what they have planned for the second half of the series though....I liked where this anime went from episode 1 so I'm psyched to see what they do next Big Grin