Full Version: The Carnivorous Vegetarian has arrived!! (Oh, this will be horrible I bet)
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Kay. Well you all know me but...I want welcamz anyway!!!


Oh, and

Heh...old habits die hard.

Carnivorous Vegetarian?
Seriously, Pigeon?


/laughs at you
hey it's true, they ate my kitten
...Hey it's you~
So can you see peoples PM's with your awesome mod powers?
yeah Aurora, does being a mod give you PM-viewing powers?
I'm not a mod any more...-_-
And not one on these boards either.

As for powers...<:
Read your PMs?
/scoffs at you
We have tracking software that can help us read all your emails and IMs!
So you know.. we know what you don't want us to know.
Today is your birthday so happy birthday you pigeon monster you.