Full Version: DAMN YOU GREG!
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How dare you close it. Sad
I was getting annoyed with the fact that the permission system was broken Big Grin
. . .

I miss the girls-only section already for some odd reason. T_T
But i was having fun for once. >_<
.... Meh...

Now I must go to akatsuki!

*cool music in the Background*
I still want to be teh new Zetsu.
Do you guys really like Yaoi that much?
Zetsu got shot last time... Are you sure you are ready to be him...

I'm just Oro so I don't care about getting shot... because I won't! Muahaha

Emo corner here I come!
Greg Wrote:Do you guys really like Yaoi that much?
No i just like being able to post in the staff section. XD
Yep! Multiple personalities for teh win!!!

And I was actually expecting a subforum dedicated to yaoi...instead I see a single thread...with not even ten pages. >.<
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