Full Version: new added manga suggestions
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Love berrish,
Glass mask,
Sin eater,
Takeru - Susanoh ~ Mashou no Ken yori,
Mizu ni sumu hana,
we are still,
let's get married,
eikaiwa school war,
beauty honey,
till death do us part,
the one,
Saiunkoku monogatari,
mieru hito,
kimi to scandal,
yokubou to koi no meguri,
kemono wa hana no yume o miru ka,
kimi wo ubau, kimi wo aisu,
toriko~aigan shojo~,
mei-chan no shitsuji,
It’s not like that, darling
Ga-rei and soul eater are very good manga's I'm in.
...isn't Soul Eater already on the site?
Soul Eater is already on the site ....maybe >.>
I support Ga-rei .....
....and some of the mangas you mentioned arent scanlated.
Yeah it
i check, it is on the site
i know this is kind of hard to think of, but do anyone know of a shounen manga that have some sort of ancient chinese setting and something to do with the main character being part machine with the power of magnet and a fugutive of the king. don't remember the title but i also one of the manga i would suggest. so if any one know just post title on here and i'll see if that's it.
never mind i remember what it was, its on the list now, sorry for all the trouble