Full Version: I'm having a bit of a problem....
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Ok! It's with my Avatar, every time I put it on the error window pops up saying that it's file type isn't found. "The file needs to be GIF, JPEG or PNG format! And it's already a GIF format! Does anybody know what's up here?

Please reply if you know!
What's the File size of it, and the size in Pixels

or just use to show me...
Sorry about it seems that 15kb is way too small for me.....Sigh. Well I'm ok now! But you guys help make custom sigs right?
And also where can I find some good ani-gifs and avatars? All the ones I get are to big in file size. So I just need a site or two.....I'm trying to get Gif making programs, but I have to wait a while.
Well, I Know i Have "beginner" skills in Photoshop... but yeah i can... and i dunno if he is Making sigs on request but Arctic Is awesome with photohop.
I'll be doing requests after finals week.. so around late june.
Ok, cool. just checking, xD. i just had my SAT's So i'm ok, just doing work up to the GCSE's
Soon I will start doing my own GIFs but until then do you guys have any sites I could use? It has to be 15kb or under. I think 15kb is to low. But if you could recommend any sites that would be great! >.<
what sort of GIF's, like what Anime or w/e?
Mostly anime....a few others if not. I just need some Bleach, Naruto or Claymore stuff please. Thank you!
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