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Okay, dont know if this will work or not cause Im on my laptop....

Simple (Spoiler)

Pein tracks the Kyuubi (Jinchuuriki) to the explosion and decides to get going.
Naruto's group relies on Kiba's nose and starts to move.
Along the way, Kiba and the Nin-hounds smell an unpleasant sent.
Pein is in a different location, and all of a sudden Earth Clones start to attack.
ペインのまわりに大量の水が発生「ユリ離れてろ 今日は制御しない」
A large amount of water springs fourth around Pein; he tells Yuri(Akatsuki Women) to get back, today he won't hold back.
Heavy rain and lightning appears in the background. End of this week's chapter.

Couldnt find any pics...
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Nice pics. Itachi does look serious in that pic. Here's a fake vid but it looks real..Link~
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Jees by the look of those pics you gave, Mega, I think Itachi might have a big role next chapter hopefully.

Also, lol that was so fake it was unbelievable MO, but it was fun to watch.
I gave that link to her.....meh. Whatever.

The pictures Mega gave should be true. Its Thursday.