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If you where a Shinigami, Vaizard, hollow/arrancar,[edit]gifted human, quincy[/edit] what would you look like, what would your history be, what would your Weapon do,look like (including bankai/arrancar true form) and if you would be vaizard/arrancar what part would have a mask and what parts wouldn't, also if you where Shinigami what team would you be in?

try to keep the Pro's and Con's equal. also lets not have any childish "invincible" people

ok, for me, I would have

Type(i dunno can't think of anyway else to describe it): Gifted Human

Weapon/Ability: Hair Manipulation, This Gift allows me to manipulate any hair on my body and change it's shape and form (Hard, Soft, Sharp, Blunt, Heavy, Light etc) but if the hair detatches from the body it is no longer useable.

Forms of Weapon:

Orignal: can only use normal hair, slow attacks and fairly weak (using Ichigo as a comparisant) if hair is detatched it cannot be used at all, and also it drains the users energy.

2nd form: Can make hair grow (to an extent of about 20 meters) if hair is charged with a large amount of energy and is attacked/detatched it can be used as a mini bomb, at the users discression. in this form the user can use hair like the arm hair (not the armpit hair "eww") to creat an outer shell, this shell isn't very strong but can prevent some damage. also attacks are faster and stronger (like Ishida before powerloss)

3rd form: In this form the user can charge another persons hair and use that aswell, but this drains enrgy as a link must be made at all times, also the sheild from form 2 is increased, to prevent even more damage (more like a brick than hair in protection) but therefore slows the users physical movement, but doesn't hinder the hairs movement. unfortunately the strain of all this drains alot of energy.

FInal Form(for now):
can rapidly grow hair, and control hair even if detatched. speed is increased dramatically and power is enourmous. the user can now change the Properties of their hair to different solid objects (eg Steel, stone, wood etc)

now then lets see yours! (could even have one of each type shinigami, Arrancar etc....
*Laughs* Even for physiologic optimists, that's one hell of a way to view hair.

If that were possible, maybe just, maybe the jacka** doctors that keep on claiming hair as vestigial will concentrate their medical training on something more important.
whats with the **? and it's just my whack imagination, my other idea's better, i'll post it later
No, I like it, it's just after reading a couple of medical journals and articles, you begin to get a sense that the things you do aren't as immediately imprtant as you'd like.

And I used the sterisks to censor.

If I had to choose, my sword would be a scimitar, kilij, or a, and this is close to being my favorite, a kris. As for the power, maybe the ability to send attacks that only affect things with a soul, buy giving them a shock, or the feeling of pain as if it were real, escept ten times more painful. These attacks would pass through any non-living thing. In bankai, anything that my sword would touch would suffer fatal shock, and I would also my attack power would increase, my ability would also improve, allowing me to create a week barrier that probably wouldn't stop things without a soul but would leave anything to the contrary stunned.
It sounds cool, but needs some more cons, cause it has way more pros but yeah, still awesome

Weapon Form: Twin Katanas

Original - Plain Katanas

Shikai - One Pitch Black, One Pure White, can start using hollow moves (sorta like getsuga tenshou)

Bankai - Single Silver Odachi, Extreme speed and sharpness.

Hollow Mask - Bankai, except instead of Silver, the Odachi's pure black. Superhuman strength is also added. Mask is full face.

Mask Time Limit: 2 Hours

Attack Limit: 10 hits

Cons- Attacks are weak until 2nd form, and average speed and strength until bankai and Hollow Mask. Also unable to block energy attacks, can only evade
Hmm let me see. I hope this doesn't sound too invincible, but idk maybe it is.


Permanent released Shikai Sword (Like Ichigo's Zangetsu)- Twin Daggers that attach to my wrists

Shikai Form- Basically, I get feral instincts and sense. It is a fairly average power, but I become very beast like and lose control until I am injured and I snap back into my normal state of mind to release Bankai.

Bankai Sword- Crimson Red Claws attached to the knuckles of my hands

Bankai Form- Gain control over beast like state and gain alot of speed and beast strength and can put energy into the claws, basically like the other bankais.

Hollow Mask- Half-Mask covering the left side of my face only allowing the dark Hollow eye to be seen. Main color is black and lightning shaped blood color streaks going down it.

Hollow Form- Besides the boost in beast abilities, I gain the power let out a roar of energy. Very Strong, but very inaccurate and also can only be used 4 times. Gain some normal Hollow powers like cero.

Time Limit- 10 minutes

While in the Beast Bankai form, I am unable use any spells (I guess you would call them) due to the beast state.
I would want to be a vizard with a mask similar to ichigos with horn type thing sticking up in the middle and there be two slashes across the eyes. Myweapons would be a very thin katana and an energy gun that has a circular shape attaches to my hand. like orihimes shield but its a gun and i could maked like 10 appear at once. For cons i wouldnt have totall control over my mask and if i used to much retiatsu my hollow would take over. Also i couldnt do demon magic. My hollow form lasts 1 hour but i can only control it for 10 minutes.On a final note my katana would be an ice type.
Don't double post.
Yeah please don't double post, but sounds cool anyhow
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