Full Version: If you where A shinigami, vaizard or hollow/arrancar...
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Wow that's pretty cool lol. That is gonna be alot of fun. Okay cool, I wanna hear more about this new project.

i be a vaizard bc there the k3wlest ones

my shikai form will be a white katana and its power is juss pure force

bankai form- shaped like the buster blade from ff7Big Grin
its power is asborbing spirit particles i gain more power
but i asborb 2 much my bankai breaks Sad

vaizard form- my mask will be hav black n white n i'll hav 2 horn
my strength becomes 5x stronger  

time limit is 1 hour
Draik Wrote:If I had to choose, my sword would be a scimitar, kilij, or a, and this is close to being my favorite, a kris. As for the power, maybe the ability to send attacks that only affect things with a soul, buy giving them a shock, or the feeling of pain as if it were real, escept ten times more painful. These attacks would pass through any non-living thing. In bankai, anything that my sword would touch would suffer fatal shock, and I would also my attack power would increase, my ability would also improve, allowing me to create a week barrier that probably wouldn't stop things without a soul but would leave anything to the contrary stunned.

sounds kinda like Mayuri Kurotsuchi
Err yea this post was like a month ago but w/e
and mine is similar to arctic

Type: Vizard

1st form: dual blade
Shikai: 1 water and 1 fire blade

Bankai: 1 ice and 1 fire(blue) blade, slightly increase in size

Mask: similar to kakashi cuz my eyes are really sexy

Mask Abilities: x1000000 of my orginal speed(simple fast, cant even seen with a godly eye), with teleporting skills

Mask Control: 30minutes???(whocares i can kick ur ass in 5 minutes)

Cons: if my blade been block 3 times, my bankai goes back to shikai and takes 5minute cooling down

major weakness:against some1 with absolute defense

yeah i will definitly be a vizard becase they are the coolest looking ones when they put on the masks
arrancar, cause then id hang outwith itchimaru gin. hes the secks. my sword would be a fire type katana named hanabi, with a very ornate hilt and scabbard and whatnot. i dunno about the shikai n bankai and all that.
Wow Ichimaru Gin? I'd be a Shinigami who betrayed Soul SOciety and went to Hueco Mundo with Aizen! But I already chose Arrancanar..XD
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