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Manga-Otaku Wrote:And Excel I found that offensive about the Native Speakers because for myself one I'm native American two I'm Chinese three I'm African and four I'm I'm French. And those are all Backgrounds that do that. And I feel that not all speakers do that and it's kinda bad to say that.

gosh never heard about such a mix XD

@ E-K

Are you German?

Butchered English; I dont mind it at all, since I also do that stuff with "u, Ur, em" XD so i don't need to decrypt that since I learned it like this XD (Im not a native english speaker^^)

JUST CHILLAX DUDE!!!; I hate thouse little flammer Kiddies -.- driving me mad for something I couldn't care less for -.-

Go out and get some fresh air; It is buggin, but I don't care since we come good along^^

Rants (Only school related, since i dont want to bore u with real problems^^)

F***ING STUPID QUESTIONS from Classmates -.-

When a discussion is goin to circle and they keep goin on reapeating the same damn statements over and over again (even if they change the words)

Persons that r only summon up whats said and get good marks -.-
Soul, we don't mind if you bore us with real problems....
lol.......I'll just be listening to old Linkin Park if you do bore us with real problems.
Megabuster Wrote:Wtf are you talking about?

>_>... lol. Yeah, I was talking about the original topic and how you can find everything he talked about in an online game ~__~;; *coughragnarokcouch*
No I am not German, directly that is.

New Rant!

Fourth: Spoiled Rich Kids.

I hate watching the television and finding all these shows about rich kids going about their daily lives spending their parents' money, getting their parents to do whatever they want, give them whatever they want. These parents need to step up! Just because you have money doesn't mean you have to spend it! I hate these kids who get whatever they want by just throwing some fake tantrum and crying fake tears. I am not going to say they are parenting the wrong way... wait no, I AM going to say they are parenting their kids the wrong way. What kind of lesson is it to teach your kid they can have whatever they want when that is hardly how it is in the real world, and that is probably how they are going to raise their kids should they have any. It isn't pleasant to watch these shows, it is disgusting! To watch these kids get their way whenever they want, going and using daddy's precious credit card to spend thousands of dollars on some purse when it is more sensible to buy one hundreds times cheaper that will work the same purpose. Money makes the world go round, and if money is the root of all evil, and so the root of all evil makes the world go round.

...Seriously, I can't believe I read all that. But I'm going to agree with that. But there are some mature people out there, who are rich.

That one show made me mad as hell, with the three guys. Who pratically threw a damn tantrum just because their waiter mom person wouldn't cut their meat. And, omg, just the way the way they are.
heh this should be in the tradition families thing and yea rich kid are bunch of assholes that is living their life better than ours but still complains...that just pisses me off..i mean if u're rich u shouldn't be spending ur parents money cuz they might go broke and there will be no one else who cares shits about u....>.> i think i've repeated excatly wut e-k just said ;P
That's because I said a lot Big Grin even so they are good points from both of you. And now...

Fifth: Shouldn't Teachers... um TEACH?!

You know, teacher is a profession that should hold high respect, and a background of higher learning, or at least that is what I would normally believe before High School. Now all it seems to take to be a teacher is to sit in a chair at your computer while letting kids do whatever they want while you gossip away with the other teachers. I have had experience with these sorts of teachers and it hasn't been too pleasant. What is even worse is when you find that A) you can teach the class yourself and actually do sometimes, or B) Realize you know more on the subject than the teacher. Yes there are good teachers, and I have been lucky enough to have been taught by a few, but then there are those teachers who have a good reputation. The teachers who play favorites with others because of certain extra curricular activities they do, or don't understand why you, and many others in the class, are failing to understand the material and should probably slow things down so everyone can actually get what you're trying to teach. Oh well I suppose my opinion doesn't matter to the teachers because I am the student, AS IF THAT MATTERS WHEN I AM RIGHT YOU FRIGGIN HACKS!!!

Exit, Stage right
I have Three out of Four Teachers who let us do that. We just sit there...They say a few words...then we get a sheets of paper...we finish...and sit there. And yeah, it sucks when a teacher favourites.
Anti Rant 1: Anchors Away!

So yesterday I took an ASVAB test, and went to a hotel later. I woke up at 3:30 AM Eastern time this morning. I went to get a physical, met with a job classifier to assign my job, and then when I swore in I was officially enlisted in the Navy! Go me!!! I was processing for twelve hours... so... tired.
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