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Im still gonna go with kicking ass not only is it straight and to the point they will know the repurcussions of trying to do it again, besides you said you were a tomboy that means you probably have an athletic edge against your comrades.
Yes i do very much. Now after I won the 100 meter dash againest some of the fastest guys in our school. First all three times. Guys were too slow when starting. And now I'm being forced into extra curricular activities.
I can imagine, it reminds me of sena from eyeshield 21 when they found out he was the running back. But more realistically when nasa faked the moon landing.
lol, online games are a classic example of all of this D:

*coughrangarokcough* 8)

Wtf are you talking about?
Manga-Otaku Wrote:And Excel I found that offensive about the Native Speakers because for myself one I'm native American two I'm Chinese three I'm African and four I'm I'm French. And those are all Backgrounds that do that. And I feel that not all speakers do that and it's kinda bad to say that.

I apologize, I didn't mean it the way you seem to have taken it. By native speakers I meant people who are fluent in the language that they are using, and I was saying that I understand people from other countries who don't speak English fluently shouldn't be the target of my rant because I am sure they try their best to type in whatever language the message board is on. I mean I understand how you feel having all of these backgrounds being parts Cherokee, Iroquois, French Canadian, Polish, and others as well. I was trying to say anything demeaning, I was just talking about foreign speakers trying to speak English that aren't so good at it.

I really do hate it when something looks awesome then tastes absolutely horrible.

I don't care how my friends keep their weight down or whatever unless it is affecting their health.

And Megabuster I think waterFALLs was talking about the original topic of this thread Wink
What is this?? First you talk about how people spend too much time on the computer and then you talk about fat people??
Hi Ma! And yes it's alright E-K. I didn't mean it was to serious but I do get annoyed by some people. But I think being online too much is a problem. I am on times throughout the day. But yeah I really have nothing to do. But yes let's get back on topic.
What is the topic MO??
The topic is like things that bother you. Like for example I really dislike when people go personal with silly comments. Just list some things that bother you. Rant them out.
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