Full Version: Kill a characther... any characther
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Ok, as the title suggests, if u could kill any characther, who would that be? I would choose Sasuke, he is just a big jerk that betrayed his country to learn a few new jutsus. Wtf is wrong with him?
sigh... everybody picks on sasuke... anyway i would say sakura will die she's kind of getting annoying...
ummm definitely not kakashi
sasuke should die
#1 chioce = sasuke
#2 choice = old sakura
#3 choice = oro and kabuto
*goes to corner*
*begans to cry*
Raijuu... what are you doing???
Didnt we already make a how should sasuke die thread?? That was fun...
*opens her Death note*

Uchiha Sasuke, time of death: after 40 seconds his name is written here
Cause of death: diarrhea
hm, kabuto hes crazy
First choice: Mello

Second: Near

I would kill Tenten, for no real reason. She's just annoying.
My second choice would be Chouji. No idea why, but he annoys me too.

I would make them suffer.
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