Full Version: what would happen if al got his body back?
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in the anime when he got his body back, he came back as the lil boy he was when he lost his body so would he return like that or as an adult? also how much taller do you think al would be compared to ed?
Did you happen to see the movie?? Al is as tall as Ed, which is taller than Winry.

Al would most likely turn back into his current age like the movie.
i saw the movie and al did not turn back to his normal age in the movie, he turned back to the kid he was when he lost his body but the al in the other world was the age he is supposed to be.
Al's body has been growing up inside the Gate as the manga has shown us. My guess is Al won't be getting the child body back but he's body as it is inside the Gate. But he won't be in a good shape though.
yeah i agree. oh i wonder what would happen to al currently cuz like his mind is rejecting that metallic body. who knows his soul might go back to his body and he could be stuck in the gate itself.
he gets it back guys true story
it's an epic ending
you definitely have to catch up to us