Full Version: DGM 125
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they are all going to die
Lenalee certainly seems to be going that way.
that guy gone berserk men
so freak en strong
I was hoping she'd make it, but it looks like her juggular has been crushed.  Sucks to be her.  

As for Tyki Mikk, I just wish he'd finally die.  I'm getting sick of the shonen-one-ups-man-ship.
kanda and krory will come and help
i dont know. they wer beat up really bad.
yea i think its going to be a while before we see krory andkanda in action
thats if they're not dead already... which is the most probable answer....
yea...if by some miraculous chance they are alive we still arent gonna see them for a while i least not in action
i do think general cross will show up pretty soon
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