Full Version: xxxholic
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I couldnt find an xxxholic thread. So, how does everyone like this series??
I like! I like! I like! *goes on...* Watanuki is so adorable with his frantic personality ._. This series isn't as confuseing as TRC >.> Also I'm damn mad how it ended!! Gao!! Stupid..."I can't remember my parents name!" Maybe he was created...>.<
But he had memories of them earlier in the manga... so he couldnt have been created. But yeah, that last chapter was a terrible cliff hanger!
Maybe they were faulse memories...they never did show the faces. >.>
Your right about the faces thing, everytime faces arnt shown there is a mystery... didnt yuko say that watanukis abilities are hereditary or something??
I think so...and maybe he's not remembering his memories his parents names because of Syaoran...Theres supposably a 'deep' relationship between the two...

That's how Watanuki Survied, when he fell out the window ^^ Because Syaoran was trapped away. And Himawari's scratchs, and Domeki's loss of blood...>.>