Full Version: Fairy Tail II
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i wanna see igneal >.>
In natsus flashback in the 2nd chap, Igneal looked like a happy and nice dragon!!:grin:
i know...but i want to see him fight...
That'd be so awesome... I wonder what kind of things he can do... But how can an enormous dragon be lost??
im about to read the 2 new chapters so im not going to read the thread cuz i know there will be fillers...and i had a dream that Natsu was trying to destroy the moon O.O
... okay blaze, thanks for the info... crazy.
Hell yeah! Fairy Tail is finally starting to get on the right track. When I read the name "Urtear" at the end of the first new chapter I jokingly said it could be Ur's daughter... which turned out to be true. X.x

Also I get the feeling that Igneel and Deliora have something in common. I can't stop thinking those "10 Grand Mages" or whatever Sieglein called that group he's in are copying Akatsuki who collect Tailed Beasts. That would be kinda lame though...
^^ I know... I kinda think thats what hes gonna do...
...Why wasn't Happy effected? Guess he was more like a magical creature then a demon. Holy crap Natsu looks mad as hell o.o Everything is kind of done quickly...but good nonetheless. I love Natsu's image of Lucy's key xD
WOW CHAPTER 46 REALLY DONE IT!!! "Child of Igneel","Urtear,UR's daughter",and the guild just wow...finally a big arc!
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