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Until somebody comes with a flamethrower that is. :lol:
hmmm magic is good but that would triple the crimes for the whole world! also it's harder to trace magic in crime scenes than when u chopped someone or shot him are u gonna know who blasted a person apart....trace the magic residue...?...sumtin weird and technical like that probably
Two new chaps on the main site, and they were real good! Natsu is so stupid... but who do you think destroyed the guild, was it Mr. evil tattoo guild council member?? And whoa, Urs daughter is alive!?
This was what i was refering to a few pages ago about a big arc comming up, i looked at theRAWs and got excited. I dont have a clue who did it but i dont think Sieglein did even if it seems that way
I laughed so hard at Natsu's imagionary saggitarius. sooo funny...
The guild looked like it was destroyed by giant arrows or spears of some kind.
Besides who said the tattoo guy is evil? maybe he just wants to overthrone the old guys by assembling a force of strong young magicians.
YA thats natsu saggitarius's head looks like a character in RAVE but i forget his name
I think he's evil but destroying the guild... its too obvious that he did it so maybe someone else did it...?? But in these last chaps when erza said she was gonna destroy the moon, I loved the look on Natsus face!! I wonder what Seiglen is gonna use natsu for??
Maybe he's got Eneel the dragon and wants Natsu to help him control him...tho thats kinda lame...but it might have something to do with dragons
Or maybe he wants to revive the old magic or something and use it for something... yeah...:grin:
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