Full Version: Fairy Tail II
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lol li would see natsu with a strawhat it would fit him, he acts just like luffy.
Hmm...stawhat+fire kid...i dont envy the hats chances to survive
now that i think about it it would be a mix with ace and luffy. luffies stupidness and ace's fire.
lol ur right! that's probally where the mangaka got the Natsu idea..and the fire stuff...well Natsu can still get a Fire proof strawhat Wink
i think his clothes are fire proof cuz he doesn't burn them off.
hehe yes i think so too ^^, it's funny how Grey always walk in without his clothes
i'm guessing he got so used to the cold normal temp is too hot for him
i dun think it's too hot for him..i mean he can always put some ice on himself..
what other reason would he have for taking off his clothes?
Its a habit due to his teacher making him train in only his boxers, he subconscienly takes his cloths off
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