Full Version: Fairy Tail II
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well the reason Rave didn't go that well for anime is cuz it lack bloods >.>...and yea...i can see alot of potential in this Spade said..there should be a really big arc..
lacks blood and not that great plot.. hehe..
yes word...and hehe i see u change ur sig and avatar...nice..
this could join naruto and one piece in the long lived manga record books ^^
only if there will be a big arc...
There will be we just havnt gotten there yet... Im sure there will be an arc involving the council...
i have to say fairytail is pretty good. i thought the author limited himself making it a manga about mages but hes very creative. sigh only if he went back to his better drawings. the drawings in this manga are annoying me. such huge forheads and all the characters that have ponytails are soo ugly its annoying. example lucy pretty much copy of elie with uglier features.
Yeah, The drawings are rather...different. But overall, I like this story. And the last two chapters were intersting. I mean...he crumbles? They're going to destroy the moon? Ezra can walk and fall in a hole at the same time?

And For this to become a Anime...That'd be pretty cool...
well im fine with the gives off a feeling of One Piece into it....
I like the art of FT, its (imo) better then RAVE, as is the story
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