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so, any ideas about hooded girl's identity?
apart from my usual future wendy wishes (Tongue) , i think future levy isnt as unlikely as i thought at first. the whole letter writing took place after a few days from the "event" that caused it all, so her wounds were still fresh, so if they really travelled back to X784,when the tenrou group was frozen,she could have 7 years to fully heal, and get taller. then again, hooded girl seems to have trouble using her arm,which future levy didnt, so back to 0 i guess :lol:
Female Zeref?

Funny thing about that is i always thought Zeref was female although judging by the Zeref we do have i may still be correct~
maybe he's grown a beard post timeskip ? Tongue :lol:
With timetravel introduced I guess anyone is possible - future Levy doesn't sound like a bad option since she could come from anytime (even several years) in the future.

Or it's Lucy's mother... that's what I could imagine, too.
hmm, i also think that the hooded girl isnt the same person jelly was chasing :hmm
who would that 2nd time traveler (if he/she is one) be ?
So apparently things aren't bad enough, seem like we will not have any FT chapter for this week (either this week or next one, but seeing the way Mashima rolls it is probably this week), I'm done!!!
:lol: wouldnt he say it at the end of the chap though ? :hmm:
OH btw, Did I mention that Minerva is actually a cross-dresser/trap/Okama/transvestite... He's even asking for a threesome now!

And that hoody gal is Levy from the apocalyptic future, who has come back in time to warn the current FT...

That's all I can BS for now xD
Is it just me or does the fact that the next chapter is titled "Threesomes" instead of "Threesome" may imply more than one three-way fight?

If that's case are we going to see a Laxus vs. Jura vs. Ogra and Gajeel vs. Rogue vs. Sting? Or it could be just a typo, really hoping for the former though.
There is no difference between singular and plural in Japanese, so unfortunatley both is correct. We have top wait and watch, I guess.
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