Full Version: Fairy Tail II
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You really got a problem with memorizing names, right? :lol:

Igneel is the dragon that raised Natsu.
Child of Igeneal makes perfect sense since natsu is Igneals foster child... Im more interested in Urtear, was that her name, and how shes still alive and all?
I don't like the name Urtear. It sound like Urtier and that's a German word basically meaning "ancient animal". I can't take her think about her seriously thanks to that.
I wonder how 'ancient animal' would look like in Natsu's imagination... (btw primordial animal would be more correct i think)
i thought Salamender is Natsu's foster parent
Salamander is the nick name for Natsu isn't it?
Salamander is natsus nickname and also what he calls igneal...
i i fully understand and yes spade...i have problem memorizing names =.= watching too much anime/manga really make it hard to remember
lolConfusedet4_teacher: is that a fact?
hmm i dun really know and at the beginning of the chapter,Natsu was searching for salamender so yea
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