Full Version: How it's going to end
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What happens after? Do they beat the organisation and then Naruto and Sasuke become freinds? Does it end there? If that happens then what'll happen to Naruto becoming 'Hokage'?

Any ideas?
there's still the fire country, and then there's Konohamaru, maybe there'll be saga's for that as well xP
Is that official?
hell naw, just my thoughts, since i'd like to see them progress more (and maybe a dramatic scene of kakashi's death would be cool)
I think that it will skip like 20 years into the future and Naruto will be Hokage and i think that Naruto will save sasuke from his blindness of revenge and they will become friends again!
Actually I wonder more when it's going to end, rather than how.

@dimplez: I think something like that might happen as well.
They sort of go hand in hand.
Guess we can Just wait and see.
i think naruto is going to kill sasuke at one point because he has to and he is going to become hokage. i want sasuke dead his emoness is really annoying.
I have this weird feeling Naruto will die, it has nothing to do with the new fourth movie, it's just most of his jutsu's are tearing him appart from the inside out, well just the rasen shuriken, but still if he use's it again theres a possibility that he'll die, plus is'nt the Kyuubis chakra destorying him also? He use's it constantly, and that can't be good.
Even with Sakura's medical skills, it may not help...
Or Tsunade could risk her life for Naruto if he does come close to death, with some new technique we've never heard of, that would result in needing a new who could that be?
Couldn't be Naruto, or Konohamaru, not Jiraiya, Kakashi, Shikamaru...I don't see any open canidates.
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