Full Version: Shout Out Thread XI:Its not a face.
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Draik Wrote:Yes... I was waiting for that type of style to come up. I don't mind it, just clearly label it 'shout out thread' and say in the main post that I approve of it. And please note, after x pages I will be locking it, and then start a new one.

This is a thread for people that just want to say aquick word like 'bye', or want to just want to share their day, or want to have a conversation with someone., or want to say goodbye before leaving for the day, or talk about their teacher, or scream out the opening of an umpcoming movie, or have a debate with someone, or ... well, you get the idea, it's a place that's like a chatroom.

That said rules still do apply:
-No rudeness (racism, hate, extreme curses, and the works...)
-No spamming for no reason, let me be clear, you can say 'hi', and stuff, but don't exaggerrate with double posts or 5 different single-word posts.This is a good forum with good people; don't ruin it. As time goes on people wil begin to get a clear idea of where the boundraies are.
- And no flaming, you can support your favorte manga by posting something (and yes it can even be on word), but don't trach others.
-Lol, Idk, and other such slang is okay here, but limit it. When I say limit it I mean don't write a whole text with a mistake in every wrod. Again people should begin to get a good idea of where the boundraies are soon

This has been approved by Greg, and will be replaced with a new thread when it gets too long

The rules here are a bit different than those for the whole site so please read the rules stated by Greg to be sure that you don't get a warning or something.
I hope Im the first to post
mmm second to post
Does anyone even care what post you are?
i do and thats what matters..
Not really. People out number you so it does matter.
no i have sharingan bow to
Sigh...."Takes out script"

Foolish little brother....You are weak. Why are you weak? Because you lack... hatred...

director: Yes! Cut! Print! Copy! Millions right there! Genius!
mmm... i still have sharingan... *sigh*.... man i sux
haha :lol:
*Blaze disguised as Itachi*
"Foolish little brother....You are weak. Why are you weak? Because you lack...a big ass neckband,and did you know you can saves up to "20%" by switching to Geico?"