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How and why does he have so much power and influence? What allowed him to create the Philosopher's Stones? And since Pride is the first homonculus, does that make him the strongest or weakest? (He got the earliest of father's power... so do the homonculuses get better or does their quality decline from old to new?)
your questions have not been revealed in the manga so far so i'll have to answer them with my infered opinions. the father guy has been living for centuries and in alchemy knowledge is power i bet he has a lot of knowledge. the philosopher stones are created by the sacrifice of many lives. i'd say pride is the strongest cuz usually the first are the strongest and usually people who have pride are strong.
1) Those were discussion questions, lol
2) But isn't v2 normally better, and is an update from, v1?
1. lol well no ones discussing them so don't blame me >.<
2. i agree about the v2 thing but in manga series i've seen its common that the first ones are better than the later ones.
Heh, we're a quiet bunch, I guess.
yeah well fma is a good manga so this discusison should have active by tomorrow and if its not then i'l scratch my head.
Well..., it's stated that somewhere in the manga that Ametris itself is created by Father himself for the future human sacrifice, so Amestris is more or less actually already under Father control from the first time it created, and it's actually also thanks to him for what Amestris stand as it is in the manga right now as one of the most powerful country (hence Envy remark in chapter 54).
What is pride's power anyway? From what I've seen the thing attacking the soldiers in the tunnel is pride. That means that it can use the shadows and manipulate it to kill and mutilate its enemies.
Why is pride so young, is my question.

And I am guessing that he's one of the strongest since he's basically a shadow, and it's been hinted in the manga that he has an important role, but wether or not he's the strongest still hasn't been mentioned.
Every Homunculus is immortal except for Wrath, so the appearance doesn't really matter.

I'm guessing thst he takes that form currently because it's convenient since If he's a child to the Fuhrer. Wrath can tell everything that's currently happening in the country to Pride directly at their house, then relaying the report himself to Father. Plus, no one actually suspected him so far as one of Homunculus (with the exception of Riza currently).

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