Full Version: The Fourth Movie
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  It's about the fourth movie......Anyone wanna predict about it says Naruto dies but the problem is why would Kishimoto just end the series? Any guesses?

It's on many sites and on Youtobe-look up Naruto Movie 4

I'm really excited for it to come out!
im guessing it will be like most naruto movies in that it will come up to a big fight and end w/ a rasengan vs another powerful technique that SHOULD win....
but i'll still be there to watch it....
Naruto is going to die.....Great. Naruto's goin to die but Sasuke is still alive..just great.
lol he might die and get revive again like gaara

if naruto die whos gonna kick those bad guyz ass is with your avatar...god. It frightens me.
it obviously frightens sasuke too...which is weird...shouldnt naruto be the one whos weirded out...
Well Naruto is still sleeping so..
OMG spamming already??
Anyway Ive never seen a naruto movie, are they good?? And I dont think naruto will die permenantly or whatever...
I say Naruto first aws the only good movie..two and three were...just off.©
Two was my fav...I just didnt like the first because Sasuke is in it! I want to see number 4 so bad...And ya 3 sucks!
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