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what is the reputation thing for anyways? and is red bad?
Reputation is used to rate members... red is the default
ooo whats green and the other colors?
Honestly, I'm not sure.... it's not something I was thinking of using

oh there is another matter of waiting 1 min per post i tend to dislike those things if possible can u get rid of it?
i kno its for spamming purposes but i dislike waiting a whole minute to put up a post.
red is bad, green is good

red = negative
green = positive

Had to give ray a red cuz he was kinda spamming when i first joined... kind regret it now though Tongue so he's back to neutral

and yeah, i agree with the flood limit
I changed the flood limit to 30 seconds, a minute is ridiculous... as an admin I don't have it so I didn't notice.
spam much?
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