Full Version: Fights you'd want to see...
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I would like Kakashi versus Gai. This thing has to be settled! (I can't have Kakashi sensei losing to an eyebrows freak)
heh... they are rivals but i dont think they will fight for no reason although im also betting on kakashi
Ive got my money on kakashi too, I see them going to battle for something tho
whats that?
idk somehow i see them being forced to fight
i want to see zabuza vs suigetsu....since suigetsu was supposed to inherit his sword i think he might have been his apprentice b4 he left the village
sui would win in that one with his eyes closed because zabuza wasnt really that strong
In the manga suigetsu says he was zabuzas apprentice 3 years before he died
well if zabuza was still alive he'd be stronger...and saying that means that kakashi was weak and thats not a nice thing to say
I would want to see a REAL Biju fight. As in full mass destruction. Not that One Tails vs Toad crap. I want Kyuubi vs Yamata no Orochi.
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