Full Version: Fights you'd want to see...
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Of course. Naruto. No questions needed.
Okay... your writing pretty quickly is it because you dont like the fact that I have a few more posts then you??

weakened oro vs. naruto...
No. Its just I don't need to write anything more. At least, not yet of course.
weakened oro vs. naruto...
would naruto be able to defeat the oro that sasuke defeated??
Orochimaru only lost because Sasuke had Sharingan. If emo boy didn't have it, Oro wouldve won. "Goes back to read Highschool of Dead"
Sasuke beat oro with sharingan without it he wouldve lost even if oro was sick.
How about........... Sakura vs Karin?
I said that like 10 page ago and they said that nobody knows what karin can do so it doesnt matter anyways.
Well...we forgot about I just want Sakura to die. So...Sakura vs Death
I still want kakashi to fight gai so they can finally prove that kakashi would pwn him.
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