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Who is Naruto's parents? Obviously we don't know yet, but who do you think? Was the 4th Hokage his father? Or is it perhaps that he is Tsunade's and Orochimaru's? Who do you think?

I think that the 4th hokage is a relative of Naruto since they have similar behavoir and hairstyle.
Yes, that is the most logical one, but in a way is it too transparent? Almost everyone believes that that is the case, so in order to add more interest and not just give the readers what they already think is going to happen, Naruto may end up totally unrelated to the 4th.

true the mangaka Masashi Kishimoto has done alot of work where unexpected things have occured. I dont think that the 4th would be his father or anything because the 4th was too young(mayb?)
I agree that its probably not the 4th... its just a bit too expected. However, Im not sure who else it could be. I mean, no one else has similar characteristics to him apart from 4th, so Im not sure which way to go with this. Maybe it won't be revealed?
It would be funny if it was Jiraiya: after all, he's gray now, but could have had short blond hair in his youth... Jiraiya, the fourth, and naruto are all pretty similar (assuming the 4th was a pervert Tongue)
expected or not i think that the 4th is his father bcuz he sealed the kyuubi into him
he wouldnt use a random child
that also makes sense bcuz of the blond hair and attitude
Lol thats one subject i am not burning me hands on again. Last time i did it took me 3 days to even dare to look at the topic on 1 forum.

But yep the 4th might be 99% correct. But 1 thing i learned the mangaka┬┤s
can sometimes really put you on the wrong leg. Ichigo 100% is a good example Rolleyes
I doubt the fourth is, that would make it too obvious. It would be funny to see a twist, such as the head of the Akatsuki is Naruto's father/mother.
That is actually pretty plausible. The brother of the guy who made naruto does 666 Satan, and in that... ***highlight for spoiler*** Ruby's dad is the leader of Zenom ***end highlight***
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