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All righty guys so you saw everything and now what do you think is going to happen?

Some things I saw:

Itachi is completely stronger than Sasuke (flashback shows him barely doing anything and taking Deidara down)

Deidara has an all powerful jutsu, C4 Garuda, but I hear it is a kamikaze basically.

I think it was a pretty good chapter and the best part it didn't end like the spoiler I saw where it said next chapter "Sasuke's Uchiha Blood Awakens" Bull for that, but anyway post what you think is going to happen.

I see Deidara dying unfortunately now and Tobi just running off I guess.
I guess Deidara is gonna die, which really sucks. If Tobi keeps running he may run into one of the konoha nin. Maybe deidara will commit suicide with this new attack I just never thought he would be the type. Itachi is definatly stronger than sasuke. After this chapter though Im starting to hate Itachi and his smug attitude...
[spoiler]It seems that Deidara is about to commit suicide at first glance, but I can't see that happening. Tobi knew what Deidara was doing, even naming it. This implies that Deidara isn't going to die from it... but at what personal risk will it be done at? Also, he seems confident that he can use the technique to defeat the Sharingan... I doubt that this could indicate Sasuke's demise, but could it mean his defeat? Possibly left for dead by Akatsuki, can he be found by the Konoha ninjas? What situation would arise there? Would he be arrested? Executed? Left to live a normal life? Also, backtracking to Deidara's technique... it seems like the clay is fusing with him... could it be that he has a demon within him? Perhaps not a tailed beast, but another type... we still don't know what the criteria for certain techniques are, such as the shadow attacks of Shikamaru.

And what do you think of the Deidara flashback? It shows a bit of the initiation process to Akatsuki... could Itachi have fought? If so, who did he fight with... is there anyone strong enough? This flashback also makes me wonder... when people like Itachi and Orochimaru joined, were they selected, or did they pursue the position like Tobi did. Well, that's all I have to say on the matter.[/spoiler]
Yeah, that's just what people are saying. i never thought he would be like that either, but Itachi smug? I think he was more apathetic to Deidara. I thought the whole conversation with the akat was funny. Deidara is saying all this stuff and they are sitting there asking each other whether he is done talking.
Yeah, Itachi seemed like he had an unwanted job to do, and did it completely without enthusiasm.
The conversation the akats were having was funny! I think Sasuke should lose this fight and be found by the konoha ninjas, but that wont happen...
Something I dont get though is that most of the other akats, at least sasori, had to go through some tough initiation process and deidara was offered a job...
Yeah, but Itachi is always like that.

But, going to what you said, yeah who would actually be able to fight on par with Itachi. You know Zetsu/AL wouldn't do it, does that mean Blue haired member could have? I doubt Itachi pursued the position. I think the AL recruited him, but possibly Orochimaru did. Looking at the other members, Orochimaru isn't anything special, especially back then when he problably didn't have his little switch bodies thing.

The title for the next chapter is "the End of Everything" so maybe somethign big happens, possibly Sasuke gets beat to a pulp and can't do much else or it might just be Deidara dying. I don't think Deidara has a tailed beast in him though, because AL couldn't care less how strong you are, he would extract the bijuu. Deidara problably has a kekkai genkai or a special jutsu class like Shika.
Hmmm, but why can't there be other, lower class demons in existence?
I dont think there are other demons but the tailed beasts but I could be wrong...
And CBF I dont think Deidara has a kekkei Genkai because he has a distaste for the sharingan and said that sasuke was mistaking his heredity for his own power...
But wouldn't AL want them too? I mean if you gather enough of the small fries, eventually they add up to a big one. I just can't see Deidara having a demon inside him right now, but then again, people say Juugo's counter personality is a demon and that the CS form is a demon in itself and basically Sasuke is a demon when in that form. One thing I wonder about CS too if how did Orochimaru somehow get the ability to bite someone and spread Juugo's ability? Orochi doesn't have CS, so how can he do that?
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