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if you were an alchemist what kind of alchemy would u choose to use?

Ah I'm kind of scared to enter this forum since I'm not caught up in the manga yet. D: But this looks fine.

If I had alchemist powers...I'd be called the Hurricane Alchemist. It has a nice ring to it doesn't it? I haven't decided what my power would be though...It would be something completely rigged though. Like insta-kill for sure. The power to manipulate air. Yeah that would be awesome. Bam! Haha you can't breath anymore. Yea!
i thought abt this last year,i'll be smth like the transporting alchemist (need cooler name!) i can transport objects or humans or anything anywhere i want, if u read the manga this will be quite interesting, but its juz transporting =.=
need more work on this
Teleport..., maybe.
It's a pain in the legs to walk up to the nearest bus stop, waiting under the hot sun, get on the crowded bus from home to collage & from college to home everyday..., not to mention the time consumed also.
If only I could teleport directly to the college...
THATS IT, TELEPORTING ALCHEMIST!.....still sounds lame......but i have the visual effects stuck in my head, AAARGH still need work on this..
Teleporting Alchemist? Pfft lame. At least make the name cool. Dimension Alchemist sounds a bit cooler.

But doesn't teleporting require you to deconstruct and then reconstruct a human? That's kind of like Human Transmutation.

well i did think abt it, hmm human transmutation.....i kinda feel like the alchemy is taking apart one thing and juz placing it at another place,so its like no chg juz whr the thing is placed, equivalent trade yes? and maybe theres a dark secret at his past like something went wrong while he first used it, but now he was able to further his research and now having ease in transportation of humans, if he could not den why was he a state alchemist in the first place?

but u noe, it was juz a thought i got 6 months ago while i was reading it fully and was bored while i wasnt, =D
i wanna be the.....

kinetic alchemist....

able to modify energy to wattever enegy i want

potiential energy -> heat energy
heat energy -> kinetic

mustang!!! eat ur heart out!!!
Well, E=MC^2. ^_^ It's theoretically possible to do that.

But that's kind of cheating. You'd just have to transmute a few atoms and you'd create as much energy as a nuclear explosion. XD

Transmuting kinetic energy to heat would be kind of interesting. You could stop bullets with that. But I dunno how you'd draw the circle fast enough. xD
S/He only need to tatoo it into her/his hand, simply like Kimbley.
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